Meet my other half

I have book news, and I hope you’ll forgive me if it’s not quite what you were expecting:

Today, I’m thrilled – and slightly terrified – to be able to share the news that my first novel as alter-ego Georgie Hall will be coming out in the UK this summer entitled Woman of a Certain Rage, and here is the official ‘cover reveal’:

At fifty, Eliza sometimes feels as though she’s vanishing a hormone at a time. Then a rebellious moment lands her in deep water, and she starts to realise midlife might be a glass half full after all.

The initial idea for Woman of a Certain Rage came to me in the same way my first foray into fiction, French Relations, began in the early 90s when I couldn’t find any twenty-something heroines to relate to, so I made one up. Now twice that age, I’ve set out to show a stage of womanhood seldom depicted in fiction, let alone with humour and empathy: the menopause years. We’re bolder and wiser, ready to turn up the heat, and we have secrets to share.

I’m enormously proud of this book, although I don’t want to mislead readers into expecting a big-cast Walker romp, which is why Georgie Hall’s name is on the cover. While we share the same sense of humour and love of creating unforgettable characters – as well as sharing the same publisher – writing as Georgie allows me to focus on just one central voice which offers readers something different: Eliza’s unswervingly honest, sharp and occasionally opinionated take on life as a ‘midult’.

Rest assured I’m still busy writing as Fiona Walker, with the third Compton novel on its way and my passion for plotlines crammed with villagers, horses, dogs and love affairs as ebullient as ever. Nothing will stop me country romping for years to come, and I hope my two writing sides will complement one another.

To save confusion, Georgie Hall has her own website and social media streams @georgiehalluk, and I’ll post lots more about Woman of a Certain Rage there over coming weeks and months, along with an extract and news of further books. I really hope you find the time to visit, follow and share. This is unchartered territory for me, and having the support of readers who already enjoy my Fiona Walker novels would mean the world.

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To visit Georgie’s website and connect via social media, please click image above. And to pre-order Woman of a Certain Rage from Amazon, just click the kettle…

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