The Country Set

Walker_THE COUNTRY SET_PB black border smallYou’ve closed the stable door after the horse has bolted, so what happens when it gallops back?

Compton Magna sits high in the picturesque hills where the golden Cotswolds meet half-timbered Shakespeare country. At its heart is the stud farm owned by Captain Jocelyn Percy, as fierce as he is unforgiving. Twenty-five years ago, his only child, ravishing Ronnie Ledwell, abandoned husband and children for her lover. She’s about to return, and sparks are set to fly.

Amateur sleuth and baker Pip is determined to keep her position as the stud’s house-keeper, even if it means stirring things up with her wooden spoon. Glamorous theatre director Kit Donne can’t forgive Ronnie for letting down his late wife, less still for reminding him of her. Taciturn stallion man Lester still guards the secret he and Ronnie have shared for three decades. Young horse-loving Carly Turner juggles jobs and her lawless in-laws, unaware that the stud’s future might rest in her hands. Sexy Bay Austen usually gets what he wants and now he’s after pretty, married Petra Gunn and the Captain’s land. Will Ronnie’s return thwart his plans?

In a village where passionate love affairs, bitter rivalries and dark secrets delight gossipy horse riders, only one woman has the full set, and she’s taking the reins…

Published by Head of Zeus, 5th October 2017

Paperback release date: 14th June 2018


‘With feisty characters, sexy menfolk, long-buried secrets and a healthy dollop of sauce, this book is a total riot from start to end’ Heat.

‘Filled with intrigue, romance and drama … This is a must-read for cold winter nights by the Aga’ Cotswold Life.

‘Fans of the sex-and-horses rural romp will feel right at home with this pleasing doorstep of a novel … Walker is an engaging writer with a sharp ear for dialogue and I raced through this beautifully plotted narrative’ Daily Mail.

‘Ideal reading for dark winter nights … this is a feel-good romp complete with dashing heroes and engaging heroines. Perfect for some serious but light-hearted escapism’ Horse and Countryside.

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