An insight into Snap Happy

Working title: Slap Dash

Writing about a stand-up comedienne was a challenge – jokes that work in a rowdy pub often fall flat on the page – and writing about a larger heroine even more so, but Juno was in my head from the get go, this gorgeous curvy girl with a bucket of attitude. Her friends are ones I will never forget, and writing them really was like sitting in a crowded room full of laughter and conversation. I went to a lot of comedy clubs and talked to a lot of funny women whilst writing this, and my conclusion was that more men might still stand and deliver punchlines, but the last laugh is definitely ours. Although some readers reacted with dismay at a less than perfect size 16 heroine in an era of lusciously feisty perfection, Snap Happy was a very successful book for me, only pipped to number one in the Sunday Times by a small wizard with a lightning shaped scar.

Trivial fact: The German title translated as ‘A Turtle Named Uboat’