Book order, Series and Sequels

I frequently get asked in which order my books were written – and which ones have characters in common – and I hope this summary will help:

Book order:

  • French Relations (1994)
  • Kiss Chase (1995)
  • Well Groomed (1996)
  • Snap Happy (1998)
  • Lucy Talk (1999)
  • Between Males (2001)
  • Lots of Love (2003)
  • Tongue in Cheek (2005)
  • Four Play (2007)
  • Love Hunt (2009)
  • Kiss and Tell (2011)
  • The Love Letter (2012)
  • The Summer Wedding (2013)
  • Sealed With a Kiss (e-short) (2013)
  • The Country Escape (2014)
  • The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week (2015)
  • The Weekends of You and Me (2016)
  • The Country Set (2017)
  • Country Lovers (2019)
  • Woman of a Certain Rage (written as Georgie Hall, 2021)
  • Country Secrets (2023)


There are characters and settings in common between many of my novels, although each book stands alone as a story, and some characters from previous novels just make cameo appearances in subsequent ones rather than starring in them.

French Relations, Well Groomed and Kiss and Tell:

french-relations_150 well-groomed_150 KISS AND TELL

These have become known as the “Tash and Hugo” novels; the first two were written within a couple of years of each other, their stories following swiftly on, whereas the third book came over a decade later, combining Tash and Hugo’s world with those of the popular Lodes Chronicles characters (see below).

Kiss Chase:


Is a stand-alone novel, although a few of its cast make cameo appearances in…

Snap Happy and Between Males:

snap-happy_150 between-males_150

A close-knit group of London friends star in both these books, the first focusing on devil-may-care stand-up comedienne Juno and her one-night stand with New Yorker Jay, the latter on club-owning entrepreneur Odette escaping the rat race.

Lucy Talk:

Lucy Talk hardback

Is a stand-alone novel and quite different from my others, being told through notes, letters and emails.

Lots of Love, Tongue in Cheek, Four Play, Love Hunt and Kiss and Tell:

Lots of Love tongue-in-cheek_150 four play hb lovehunt purp foil KISS AND TELL

This run of books, dubbed the Lodes Chronicles, shares the same fictional setting, with lots of characters in common. Plenty of naughty Cotswold types fall in and out of love and bed, and one particular romance develops through all five books.

The Love Letter and Sealed With a Kiss (e-short): 

The Love Letter SealedwithaKIss

Whilst The Love Letter is ostensibly a stand-alone novel set on the North Devon coast, the short ebook story Sealed With A Kiss links it with the two that follow…

The Summer Wedding, Sealed With a Kiss (e-short), and The Country Escape:

The Summer Wedding SealedwithaKIss The Country Escape

I adored writing the stunt-riding character of Dougie  – and his horse, Harvey –  so much in my big-cast caper The Summer Wedding that I brought him back to star in The Country Escape.

The Woman Who Fell In Love For A Week and The Weekends of You and Me:

The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week twoyam hb

Despite having similar titles, these two novels are unrelated, with entirely different characters and settings. Both are more pared-down, grown-up and intimate than my usual big show-stoppers.

The Country Set and Country Lovers:

Country Set jacket Country Lovers _Walker_COUNTRY SECRETS_ (1)

The Country Set marked the start of my new series, and a return to what I love doing best, set among the Comptons villages in the North Cotswolds. Please head to The Comptons pages on this website for more details. The second book in the series, Country Lovers, is out now. Book three, Country Secrets, will publish in 2023.

Woman of a Certain Rage, written as Georgie Hall:

amz thumbnail

This novel is quite a departure, hence the pen name to let readers know it’s not the usual Fiona Walker. Written in the first person, it introduces Eliza, our fifty-something heroine who wants to shake up midlife, beat the hot flushes and celebrate her laughter lines. For more detail visit Georgie Hall’s website.

And finally, I’ve published two Kindle-exclusive short festive story collections: Season’s Greetings back in 2013, and A Christmas Wish…and Other Stories in 2022.

Season's Greetings 2 A Christmas Wish and Other Stories Final

For more information about any of the novels above, plus insight into how the ideas for each came about and how they were written, please visit the dedicated book pages.