Snap Happy


A budding stand-up comic, Juno is voluptuous, hedonistic, funny and terminally untidy. On her thirtieth birthday, she decides to have a wild one-night-stand to mark the occasion. But seducing her new flatmate before he’s had a chance to unpack his belongings is not a wise move. Just over from New York, Jay Mulligan is intense, mysterious and, as Juno joyously discovers, far better than breakfast in bed. It’s only when they both get out of that bed on the wrong side three days later that the problems start …

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: May 1999
ISBN: 9780340682272

Think Jilly Cooper but younger, trendier and much better … a very funny and entertaining book (Minx)

the funniest, most enjoyable novel I have read all year. Fiona Walker is an unpolished diamond. She is clever, witty, sarcastic and satirical all at once. . . Walker’s upbeat style with a barrel-load of one-liners and a cast of feisty characters make for compulsive reading ‘ (Southern Daily Echo)

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