Well Groomed


When Tash French’s grandmother mistakes a Christmas cracker ring for an engagement ring, a wedding of astronomical proportions is planned. Tash and her partner Niall go along with it, but Tash starts to have her doubts, as her eyes begin to wander.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: June 1997 
ISBN: 9780340660492


Walker’s style is up-beat and wisecracking, whatever the emotional weather (The Express on Sunday)

Hate to love via a one-night stand, misunderstandings and a barrel load of one-liners. You’ll love every minute of this book (Company)

Fiona Walker does it again with her latest serving of whimsical banter and feisty characters. … Fast, furious and fruity (19)

A good choice for a light and frothy summer beach read (Miss London)

Veritable romps through the light hearted side of life. (GQ Magazine)

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