An Insight Into Country Secrets

Oh how I love revisiting familiar settings and characters! There’s huge comfort in it, both as a writer and a reader. In the first instance, the theory is that one gets into the plot far faster because there’s less ‘getting to know you’ involved, the characters are fully formed and ready to burst into action.

At least that’s the theory…

Country Secrets took longer to write than I would have liked, but not for lack of the love of it. It’s easy to blame the lockdowns which struck up just as I got into my rhythm – home learning and fiction writing are a tricky mix – but there was also the fact that The Comptons has become my favourite place, and I was acutely aware throughout that this might be my last novel set there, so I lingered longer than I should. I love its characters deeply, the village history, its gossip and intrigue. It’s my second home.

With the working title Country Air, I was also determined that this will be a real cheerer-upper of a book, one in which hope springs eternal as well as plots springing surprises. Its intention is to be a true breath of country air between the covers.