June’s a blooming, flaming lovely month for a big new paperback…

It’s summer! That means rain-washed bunting and steamy marquees, painted toenails and flipflops, horseflies, citronella, Pimm’s and baps. Not the circular baked bun in which we cram our egg mayonnaise and cress, nor the lady protuberances we release from bikinis for an all-over tan, but Big, Addictive Paperbacks.



Baps are the sort of books that don’t just tell the story of A meeting B; they take us right through the alphabet to weave a whole new world from words. They keep us company for days, sometimes weeks, and give us the perfect excuse for an early night, a late lie-in and a lazy afternoon on a sun-lounger. Call them beach reads if you will; my favourites are bed, bath, train, car park and end-of-the-garden reads too. ‘I couldn’t put it down’ is one of the loveliest things any author can be told, which is why you might spot me stealing furtively around Waterstones with a tube of UHU this week. Yes, The Country Set is out in paperback. Cue pack shot:

paperback launch blog pic 800px

Along with butterflies, orchids, fledgelings and glow-worms, my bouncy baps almost always come out in June: you can time a Fiona Walker paperback by Ascot hats and outdoor opera, and sometimes – as this year – World Cup fever.  What better excuse to buy The Country Set hot off the press and find a quiet spot to curl up with horses, dogs and handsome hunks in breeches?

Published by Head of Zeus, The Country Set paperback edition is priced £7.99. Click on the cat to buy it from Amazon UK:

cat book


2 thoughts on “June’s a blooming, flaming lovely month for a big new paperback…

  1. Louise says:

    I love reading your books especially like the chaos, and realism of characters right now I am reading The Weekends of You and Me, the plan was to read for an hour before sleep ended up past midnight, had to be up early for blood test this morning tired. Worth it though.
    Kind regards


    • Fiona Walker says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Louise. I do much the same when I’m writing them (‘just one more hour’ regularly turns into working into the early hours, having lost sight of time!). Glad you’re enjoying. Sorry if I made you yawn through the blood test… Fx


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