Royalty, Romance and a Little Stick of Blackpool Rock…

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If you live anywhere near Blackpool, love going to Blackpool or – like me – have amazingly never visited Blackpool and think it should be on your bucket (and spade and kiss-me-quick-hat) list, then please come along to join in the fun on Tues 15th May. The brilliant organisers of Wordpool Festival are throwing a glamorous G and Tea launch party from 6.30pm in the Stanley Park Cafe to celebrate the start of three days of author talks and events.

It’s Royal Wedding week so they’ll be dusting down the Daulton and hanging up the bunting, and we’re all invited to don formals and florals, and to toast romance. There’s a free cocktail and fashionably late tea for all, along with lashings of laughter and fun. Hosted by Hayley Kay of Radio Wave, I’ll be there along with the brilliant Carole Matthews, which means it can only be a riotous giggle.

Tickets are £12. Click the picture below to link to the website, or call 01253 478091

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