Bigging up books

It’s my tradition when a new Fiona Walker hardback launches to share the love. This year, that means Big Love.

We all know that chocolate biscuits, confectionary and bottled drinks are getting smaller as shrinkflation keeps on thinning down the goodies, and novels are no exception. The all-absorbing, family-sized read is an increasingly rare luxury, and one with gorgeous maps on its end pages, a cast list, a silky sewn-in bookmark and pages as soft as damask is heaven. Indeed, a fully-loaded posh hardback is so plumptious you could almost sleep in it.


Like rare draught horses, Land Rovers, vinyl LPs and long Sunday lie-ins, big hardback novels sometimes struggle to fit into a modern world. And yet they offer so much joyful escapism, weeks of pleasure and a lifetime of lessons.

Like how to be a hero (preferably in breeches)…

…for which you need a lot of sex appeal (and, ideally, a horse)…

Andrew Nicholson

If you have a superstar horse, even better…


…and a party trick will raise spirits every time:


A little nostalgia works wonders:

Remember, a big, escapist read can cheer up even the most broken-hearted of women:

And if you read The Country Set and like it, do please tell your friends and family; word of mouth is the most honest and lovely review:

But be careful, because once you start reading, you may find it hard to put down, no matter what you’re doing.


Thank you to everyone who buys my big hardback. Sleep well.

3 thoughts on “Bigging up books

  1. Lynda - Jayne Price says:

    Hello – well horse owner (2) and professional (SEND Consultant) but with a budding novel ‘Hacked off’ waiting to get beyond the first shaky 6 chapters – one day Fiona one day


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