Country Lovers

Country LoversIf the best way to get over falling off a horse is to get straight back on again, is the same true when you fall out of love?

Few women in Compton Magna could fail to notice the arrival of Luca O’Brien. The village stud’s new manager, known internationally as the Horsemaker, brims softly spoken sex appeal from his wild blonde curls to his leather boot soles.

Gossipy riding quartet The Saddle Bags are all smitten; young village mum Carly Turner wants to learn his healing skills; even the village’s battle-axe headmistress Auriol isn’t immune to Luca’s fiddle-playing charms.

Only his old friend Ronnie Percy sees how much he’s changed from the rising star she met a decade ago, the golden armour masking deep secrets. The rest of the family view Luca as a luxury they can ill-afford, and when Ronnie’s daughter Pax flees her disintegrating marriage for the safety of the stud, she soon questions the Horsemaker’s motives for being there.

As Pax and Ronnie are about to discover, Luca’s slow smile and sympathetic hands belie a volcanic core. And when his past catches up with him, the heat is on.

Published by Head of Zeus, 14th November 2019

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